Computer On Rent In Delhi

Computer On rent in Delhi for businesses, offices, and events – Almost all businesses need computers and laptops to do their daily work well in the 21st century. For your business to be more effective, you need computers to make work and communication go faster. If you integrate the best PC technology into your tools, you will see big changes in how well your business works and how it grows.

Why Choose Us for Computer On Rent in Delhi

SunsoftIndia established in 2000, Sunsoft had made its way to fame and name as a high-tech solution for all IT equipment rental needs in the Delhi, NCR region and Gurgaon, Noida and many more. SunsoftIndia provides you with the best laptop according to your specifications and requirements, at your doorstep. We not only rent Computers but also provide Laptops, Printers, Projectors and UPS Inverters.

We ensure we give you a complete solution for your office. Just rent from Sunsoft and give a tremendous boost to your business. Sunsoft has made renting very easy in India.

  • If you need laptops, computers, Printers only for any short-term events.
  • We deliver the Best Quality Computer on rent in Delhi.
  • Technical Know-how Support Team.
  • We also have a large collection of desktops in PAN India.
  • Large collection of Branded Computers like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple at Reasonable Price.
  • Delivery & Installation will be free.

We guarantee the greatest rental IT equipment is conveyed to each client. SunsoftIndia gives customer service, IT support, warranty and repair business. SunsoftIndia also takes care of all your IT technical requirements and has a team of Technicians who can support your network 24 X 7.

Computer On Rent Benefits

  1. Cost-effective- As computers and laptops cost a lot of money for some companies to buy. When business owners rent computers, they can keep their cash flow in good shape. Getting a new computer on rent won’t be so expensive that it will drain the company’s IT funds.
  2. Maintenance Support- It’s no secret that keeping computers patched and protected against viruses is a major hassle for businesses. Maintenance is included in the cost of renting a laptop in Delhi. You can breathe easy knowing that you won’t be responsible for any renovations or maintenance after your rental period ends. We also provide a computer repair service for a fee.
  3. Time Period– We also provide monthly and yearly rental cost estimates for Delhi. You have the option of renting for as little as one day or as long as many months.
  4. Bulk Computer On Rent– If you need to hire many computers for a business or special event, we have you covered. SunsoftIndia is available to assist you. We also stock a wide variety of PCs throughout India. Choose the design that best suits your needs. Let us know what number you want delivered, and we’ll make it happen. Long-term, businesses might benefit from using an IT rental service.
  5. Tax Benefits– By renting a computer, you may save the expense of purchasing one. Computers that are rented out are not considered assets and are thus exempt from taxation.

Major areas in Delhi where we deliver the Desktop on rent in bulk quantity and PC on rent for personal use.

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Computer On Rent Prices and Specifications

We provide Computers & laptop almost as good as new. With brand new RAM (memory),HDD/ SSD (storage), Power connector & Battery.We ensure customers can use the technology to improve their work.

Computers  Specifications
 Core 2 Duo 2nd Gen  2 -4 GB RAM-250GB HDD-14 inch screen
 i3- 2nd – 9th Gen onwards
 4 – 16 GB RAM, 250/320/500 HDD,  240-512 SDD, 14-inch screen
 i5- 2nd -9th Gen onwards  4 – 16 GB RAM, 250/320/500 HDD,  240-512 SDD, 14-inch screen
 i7- 4th -9th Gen onwards  8 – 16 GB RAM, 320/500 HDD,  240-512 SDD, 14-inch screen
Other IT Equipment 
  • Laptop On Rent in Delhi (core i3, core-i5, core i7 / Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10)
  • MacBook on Rent (Core i5, Core i7/ Mac OS X)
  • Printer on Rent (Core i5, Core i7/ Mac OS X)

Computer on rent FAQ

1Can I rent a computer from SunsoftIndia in Delhi?

Yes, SunsoftIndia offers computer rental services in Delhi. We provide a range of computers for rental purposes, including desktops and laptops.

2How long can I rent a computer?

At SunsoftIndia, you can rent a computer for both short and long durations. We offer flexible rental periods, starting from daily, weekly, monthly, and even for extended periods, depending on your requirements.

3How can I rent a computer from SunsoftIndia in Delhi?

Renting a computer from SunsoftIndia is easy. You can either visit our physical store in Delhi or contact our customer service team through our website or hotline. Our team will guide you through the rental process and help you choose the right computer for your needs.

4What are the rental rates for computers at SunsoftIndia in Delhi?

The rental rates for computers at SunsoftIndia may vary depending on the type of computer, rental duration, and other factors. To get specific pricing information and details about our rental plans, please contact our customer service team.

5Can I rent multiple computers?

Yes, you can rent multiple computers from SunsoftIndia. Whether you need computers for personal use, corporate events, conferences, or any other purpose, we can provide you with the required quantity of computers.

6Do I need to submit any documents to rent a computer?

To rent a computer from SunsoftIndia, you may be required to submit certain documents, such as your identification proof (e.g., Aadhaar card, passport), address proof, and a refundable security deposit. The specific documents and deposit amount may vary, so it's best to check with our customer service team.

7Can I rent computer accessories along with the computer?

Yes, SunsoftIndia offers computer accessories for rental as well. Whether you need peripherals like keyboards, mouse, monitors, or any other accessories, we can provide them along with the computer rental.

8What happens if the rented computer gets damaged during the rental period?

 If the rented computer gets damaged during the rental period, please inform our customer service team immediately. Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, you may be held responsible for repair costs or replacement charges. We recommend thoroughly understanding our terms and conditions regarding damages before renting a computer.

9Can I extend the rental period if needed?

Yes, you can extend the rental period if needed. Just get in touch with our customer service team before the rental term ends, and they will assist you in extending the rental duration based on the availability of the computer.

10What happens if I want to return the rented computer earlier than the agreed rental period?

If you want to return the rented computer earlier than the agreed rental period, please inform our customer service team as soon as possible. Depending on our policies, you may be eligible for a partial refund, subject to terms and conditions.

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